18th Annual La Jolla Cove 10 Mile Relay

A Celebration of Swimming and Community Giving

The 18th Annual La Jolla Cove 10 Mile Relay will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Organize a team of up to 5 swimmers, give your team a cool name, and join fellow swimmers as we enjoy La Jolla Cove and the spirit of giving with this unique event and fundraiser.

This is a 10 mile relay swim race (or for the solo swimmers, simply a 10 mile swim). Teams of up to 5 swimmers will swim a total of 10 miles, presumably 2 miles each. Teams with fewer than 5 swimmers must also complete the full 10 miles.
• The course is a triangular 1 mile lap around marked buoys.
Swimmers must swim at least 1 mile before being relieved by the next swimmer at the water’s edge. Any swimmer may swim 2 or more miles for their team.
• Teams may divide up the laps and the order of swim any way they wish. Two swimmers from the same team cannot swim at the same time and count that as multiple laps.
The hand-off between team members is via a hand slap. The start time of the next swimmer is the same as the finish time of the previous swimmer. The finishing lap swimmer is responsible for communication of start and finish of lap.
• Timekeepers will record lap times and for each swimmer and team. Information will be posted on the wall behind the lifeguard station.
Swimmers may wear wetsuits, fins, masks and snorkels, but this will be considered for only the combined age ("fish-named") category team awards and not eligible for Top Male Team, Top Female Team or Solo  category awards.
• If your team has less than 5 members, the total combined age category will be the average age of your members times 5.




Entry fee of $70 per team swimmer ($100 per solo swimmer) will include T-shirts and swim caps for your team, and race day prizes and awards.

La Jolla Cove

Sunday, Sep 29 2019, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1160 Coast Boulevard, La Jolla, CA 92037

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Please consider participating in the "Community Giving" portion of our event motto with a further contribution to our benefiting organizations:  American Diabetes Association and Prevent Drowning Foundation of San Diego.

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Terms & Conditions

This event is for experienced ocean swimmers who are prepared for a swim of 2 x 1 mile in open ocean, “rough water” conditions. We will provide paddleboard support and the presence of the San Diego Lifeguards, but we cannot guarantee the safety of swimmers, especially those who are unprepared. The release of liability below must be signed, dated and returned with all entries. Each swimmer must have signed the Release of Liability when they check in on September 29 to be eligible to swim.

SOLO SWIMMERS: You are required to provide a dedicated support person on the beach to monitor your effort and provide you with water and nutrition during the event.

I, the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been otherwise informed by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in ocean swimming, including possible permanent disability or death, and agree to assume all of those risks. AS A CONDITION OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE LA JOLLA COVE SWIM CLUB'S SCHEDULED EVENT OR ANY ACTIVITIES INCIDENT THERETO, I HEREBY WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES, INCLUDING ALL CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE, ACTIVE OR PASSIVE, OF THE FOLLOWING: LA JOLLA COVE SWIM CLUB, MEET SPONSORS, MEET COMMITTEES, OR ANY INDIVIDUALS OFFICIATING AT THE EVENT OR SUPERVISING SUCH ACTIVITIES. I also specifically acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in open water swimming and agree to assume those risks.

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